Access Your Akashic Records

Dates: 16, 23, 30 July 2022
Time: 1pm – 7pm SGT

We need the tools that will assist us, to lessen the energetic debris that create veils for us. We need now to be able to think clearly and for ourselves, see the bigger picture, and gain confidence because we are able to make our own sovereign choices with this inner knowing. To be able to discern the truth from the falsehoods that easily trend in the mass consciousness only to spread fear, which serves to disempower, immobilize and create the fragmentation for the community at large.

Upcoming Meditations


Date: 24th May 2022
Time: 8pm SGT

Clearing karma from past lives. Clearing cords and attachments.

Date: 6 June 2022
Time: 8pm SGT

Designed to harness the energies from the higher dimensions on the double digit day each month and integrate via a channeled meditation.

Date: 7th June 2022
Time: 8pm SGT

DNA Strand of Divine Trust


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