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I have been serving the community, by offering healing services, readings , meditations and classes for the past 15 years. I teach primarily the Akashic Light System, and founded the Akashic Light Academy, which is a culmination of my life's work. . It is a program that offers clarity & inner guidance so that you can be a lighthouse for yourself first, and then if called to, move on to serving others. 

I am also a Reiki Master and teach Traditional Reiki or Komyo Reiki and the founder of Komyo Reiki Singapore.

In a previous 'lifetime', I was a  business and budget analyst and a yoga teacher. In 2012, I founded Full Circle, as a space to do what I love; and that includes crystals and essential oils!

What I offer is the sum of my personal experience;  my ability to reflect upon and 'unpack' my own challenges, assist others to break down theirs and 'break through' and translate their own challenges into inspirational steps to make,
creatively and confidently.


Teaching Calendar

For Evening Meditations they are held for free, register by sending a text or What'sApp to Ivy at 8693 2355.

Akashic Light Academy



The Akashic Light Academy offers:

  • 1-1 healing sessions;
  • recorded webinars and mediations for issue specific solutions;
  • complete courses for the student of Life.

Usually tied to metaphysics, the Akashic Records is used in a practical way, as an advanced toolset to examine and release trauma, gain insight and understanding to your pressing concerns, and claiming responsibility for your life anything you desire to create.



Full Circle SG


Full Circle is a platform for those to come to self-healing where they can purchase tools such as crystals (and Andara Crystals: see below) singing bowls, essential oils, herbs & incense, to empower their person and  space. 

It is also a place for healing, where I offer healing to others, 1 to 1 and in groups for mediation, as well as teach from. 


Komyo Reiki Singapore


Komyo Reiki is Traditional Reiki, as it was understood and practiced in Japan in the 1920s and 1930s. This system places emphasis on the spiritual unfoldment through the practice of Reiki, aiming for enlightenment. 

I practiced Reiki since 2003 and have used it to heal myself. It is simple and pure and teaches you to heal from your heart. The classes I teach is a good balance of theory and hands on practice, so that you will know what to do when you go home. You will experience the whole process of doing treatment for others during my class, and time for questions during and after. 


  Reiki Shoden 9-10 Dec 2017

Reiki Shoden 9-10 Dec 2017


Sacred Retreats

Who else loves to travel? 

This coming year, I am leading trips to various cities around the world. And why would I do that? 

We take a break from the 'busy grind' of daily life;

We go somewhere that we haven't been before; it takes us out of our comfort zone, so that we can use that time to make changes in our lives. 

We get to see the world, explore new places, meet new people, learn new things and grow.




VitaJuwel Singapore


For many years, I have been dropping crystals into my water, little did I know that putting crystals directly into my water would release out harmful substances into my water!

When I was travelling, I discovered these beautifully designed gem-water enhancers, took a sip of the diamond blend and decided to bring VitaJuwel into Singapore!

Initially I was attracted to it aesthetically, but I later learned that this would be the safest, purest and best way to enjoy crystal infused, structured water.

"Gem-Water enhancers for travel and for the home!"



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