Manifestation &
Abundance Made Easy

Dates: 8, 15 October  2022
Time: 1pm – 5pm SGT

This is not another law of attraction course, this is about creating a balanced alignment. There will be specific clearings to remove fear, trauma, self sabotaging beliefs and enabling yourself with practices and techniques to  create quick as well as long term manifestation with clarity, in your life.

Access Your Akashic Records

Dates:12, 19, 26 November 2022
Time: 1pm – 6.30pm SGT

The key that opens the treasure chest of tools offered by the Akashic Light Academy and Mystery School with Tarra, this course enables you to access your Akashic Records with confidence, create a daily practice to work with your Masters to heal your personality, to create a life you desire for yourself.

You will also be attuned to run Akashic Light Clearings & Activations, a hot favourite amongst students- to quickly bring healing and balance for yourself and others.

Upcoming Meditations


Date: 4th October 2022
Time: 8pm SGT

DNA Strand of Divine Compassion

Date: 10th October 2022
Time: 8pm SGT

Higher Dimensional Monthly Meditation

Date: 18th October 2022
Time: 8pm SGT

Karma balancing of illness & disease within the physical body, specifically the teeth, spine, organs, systems and blood from the physical body.

Recent Meditations

Available till 10.10.22

DNA Strand of Divine Truth:
30 Days Access

30 days access

Inner child soul healing of your past lives and your current life.

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