Access Your Akashic Records​

Dates: 15-16 July 2023
Time: 1-5pm SGT

“This is the most efficient way to do shadow work, accessing the Akashic Records and getting answers that I was not expecting.

But they resonated, and the shifts are amazing.  I feel lighter, more radiant. I feel more confident,  more myself.”

1-7 October 2023

This retreat is infused with a touch of magic coupled with an element of surprise! I will be offering wisdom teachings, channelled meditations with singing bowls and Dragon and Chakra activations for the deepest healing and energy body restoration to take place.


Starlight Academy – Inner Circle
Comprehensive & updated training to heal the personality, and developing greater clarity, and extra sensory perception for inner peace + to live our starseed mission.

10-21 Nov 2023
Private Visits to Kings Chamber + The Osirion

Join me on a 12 day retreat to tour the powerful intersections of Earth and the Cosmic energies, in Egypt, to reconnect, remember and restore your original Divine Template and re-establish your connection to your star nations lineage.

Awakening Your Untapped Consciousness

Self Mastery through Accessing
Your Akashic Records

Each of us has the potential of awakening the untapped consciousness within us, to live a life of grace and joy.  If you have ever desired to navigate through the waters of Life with a deep knowing, or ever felt like there is ‘something more’ to life and it keeps eluding you, or if you constantly feel ‘stuck’, or even desire to open your heart to spirituality and don’t know where to begin, then this book is for you.