Animal Healing & Communication

Pre-requisite: None

Dates:  To be confirmed.

Online on Zoom with replays for 30 days.

Energy Exchange: To be confirmed.

This 2 day course creates a conscious ‘bridge’ between human and animal, owner and pet; bringing the two worlds closer. You will learn how to communicate with your pet by connecting to their energy body and thought waves to decipher what they have been trying to convey to you all along. This helps us as their guardians to see and feel from their perspective so we may improve the interaction and communication we have with them; because you will learn how to understand and heal the pets that we are in charge of. It is also a way to deepen our own understanding of the roles they play in our lives and theirs in ours.

This course will be held online so that your pet can participate with you. We welcome all pets; terrapins, rabbits, birds, cats, dogs, hamsters and the list goes on!

The focus is to be able to tune in to your pet, and learn how to use 30 energetic healing commands to assist them to bring about emotional and mental healing that often manifests as behavioural or physical issues. These energetic commands are energy frequencies that you can easily run for your pet from a distance, so if you have a pet fish, bird, or terrapin or are fostering an abused pet that you are not able to touch, this way of healing is ideal. As they heal with your facilitation, the rapport between you and your pet naturally deepens.

It is extremely beneficial if you have a pet with behavioural issues stemming from previous trauma, or even trauma from a past life. The energetic commands is a safe holistic method that can bring about quick and deep healing for all pets. As it is for us humans, all psychological or physical issues stem from an experience where negative emotions arose, therefore by healing the emotions, well-being and balance is restored.

At this level, there are no prerequisites to sign up for this training, and what you learn here can be used on it’s own, you do not need former experience of any kind.

Course outline:

  • Understand the roles of our pets and their roles in our life.
  • Learn how to connect to your pet and show them exactly how you would like them to work with you.
  • Discover the messages your pet has for you.
  • Practice sessions with your pet


  • Learn the use of 30 different energetic commands and how and when to apply them for your pet.
  • Practice sessions with your pet.

Facilitator bio:

Tarra is a spiritual teacher and practitioner of 20 years and she is the founder of the Akashic Light Academy, and the Mystery School with Tarra, specializing in teaching courses to assist others to evolve and ascend.

She is an animal and nature lover and has had dogs as pets since young. The animal kingdom teaches us how to open our hearts to a greater love and helps Mankind to heal deeply through the frequency of unconditional love that they, our pets, possess.


  • Tarra and the Mystery School reserves the right to make changes to information including dates, and times for the course. Any updates will be sent only to registered participants at the time of change.