As we awaken our 12 strands of energetic DNA strands within us, we awaken to the Divine within. Each strand awakens a deeper connection to Source, to the essence of whom we are and is necessary for one on the ascension path.

2022 is the first time where I will be offering these powerful attunements to the public, for anyone who is ready to begin their journey towards ascension.

Each month we will awaken a different strand. We start off with a teaching with the Masters, followed by healing & attunement.

The time in-between each session will allow release (healing) and integration of the new frequencies. Observe and journal as you embark on this amazing journey.

Please Note: These are group sessions.


  • Achieve a state of joy and bliss
  • Health is restored
  • Emotions are balanced
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Light Body Awakening
  • Ability to manifest quickly
  • Awaken a deeper connection with Divine Beings
  • Illumination of the Mind
  • Deep opening of the Heart
  • Merging with the New Earth energies
  • Spiritual Acceleration
  • Heal corrupted DNA caused by false programming.


  1. With the assistance of the Ascension Masters, anyone can awaken their DNA strands. No prior knowledge or preparation is required. Come with an open heart to release, heal and awaken.
  2. Attend Live on Zoom. Participants to have their video turned on during the sessions.


  1. It is highly recommended that you also attend Karma Healing & Meditation Sessions. Karma Healing will compliment the activation of your DNA Strands.
  2. All participants are encouraged to pay extra attention to restoring the health and qi of the liver and liver meridian system which stores our Jing or Essence and Vitality. We use a TCM based product that is natural, applied externally and effective.
  3. Enquire with Tarra about these products.
  • Each session is S$55 and is available for one month ( 30 days from date of recording or 30 days access from date of purchase after the replay is up)
  • If you cannot attend live, you can listen into the replay. The healing is the same on the replays.
  • For those purchasing the replays:
    • You will need to wait a month to integrate the healing.
    • If purchasing the replays, purchase only 1 at a time as there is a 30 day expiration on each recording.
    • For your well-being, do not rush your healing process.

Session 1

DNA Strand of Divine Courage

DNA Strand Two- Trust

Session 2

DNA Strand of Divine Trust


Session 3

DNA Strand of Divine Humility

Session 4

DNA Strand of Divine Integrity

Session 5

DNA Strand of Divine Truth


Session 6

DNA Strand of Divine Compassion


Session 7

DNA Strand of Divine Intelligence


Session 8

DNA Strand of Divine Love

DNA9-Divine Joy

Session 9

DNA Strand of Divine Joy


Session 10

DNA Strand of Divine Empowerment
Date: 31st Jan 2023
Time: 8pm SGT

DNA11- Magnetization

Session 11

DNA Strand of Divine Magnetization
Date: 21st Feb 2023
Time: 8pm SGT


Session 12

DNA Strand of Cosmic Oneness
Date: 21st Mar 2023
Time: 8pm SGT

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  • Tarra and the Mystery School reserves the right to make changes to information including dates, and times for the meditations. Any updates will be sent only to registered participants at the time of change.