40 Brand New Akashic Light Clearings & Activations

12 hr Akashic LIght Clearings & Activations

Pre-requisite: Access Your Akashic Records Practitioner Course

Dates: TBC
Time: 10am-4pm SGT (convert to your timezone)

Online on Zoom with replays for 30 days.

Course Fees are not transferrable or refundable.

Student requirement
You will require a WeChat account as support will be hosted on this platform. Instructions will be sent to you closer to start of class.

Dear Students,

In February 2022, I will be offering 40 brand new C&As that assist to heal the mental, emotional and spiritual. Brand new, meaning they have never been taught in a class prior to this one.

You will receive an attunement to run these C&As for yourself and others. 

This course will only be offered once in 2022. 


1. Must have attended Akashic Records Practitioner Course from any teacher from the Academy and have been attuned to run C&As for Self & Others.

2. Students must attend this course for both days on Zoom, even though replays will be provided. Video must be turned on and students are to be present and participating at all times.

3. You will require a WeChat account as support will be hosted on this platform.