Access Your Akashic Records Practitioner Course

Access Your Akashic Records Practitioner course + Akashic LIght Clearings & Activations

Pre-requisite: None

Dates: 12, 19, 26 November 2022
Time: 1pm-6.30pm SGT (convert to your timezone)

Student requirement

You will require a WeChat account as support will be hosted on this platform. Instructions will be sent to you closer to start of class.

Student have to attend Live on Zoom.

Course Outline


With the guidance and support of Tarra, the founder and facilitator of this course, you will learn how to access your own Akashic Records. You will empower and transform yourself and others by using the methods and techniques, taught to you in this 3-day course. This course is the key that opens the treasure chest of tools offered by the Akashic Light Academy, which will enable you to create the life you desire for yourself and others.

She is also the author of “Awakening Your Untapped Consciousness – Self Mastery Through Accessing Your Akashic Records” ( Paperback or Kindle)

You will also learn how to use Akashic Light Clearings and Activations, a favourite tool amongst current students, used to clear away old belief systems, fears and obstacles that may be hindering you from leading a life you wish to manifest.

Accessing the Akashic Records

  • Understand what the Akashic Records are
  • The Different Planes of Consciousness
  • Learn how to access your Akashic Records using the Akashic Light Sacred Prayer safely and quickly
  • How the Akashic Light Sacred Prayer assists you to access your Akashic Records
  • Practical and creative ways of harnessing the energies of the Akashic Records
  • Discover your past lives
  • Dialogue with your Akashic Masters and Spiritual Guides
  • Learn how to access the Akashic Records using the Akashic Light Sacred Prayer safely and quickly – the Akashic Light Sacred Prayer is unique and proprietary to the Akashic Light Academy and is not religious in anyway.

Self Mastery

  • Understand the 4 energetic bodies and its importance in this lifetime
  • Receive Clearings from the Akashic Masters to remove old beliefs and blockages that obstruct you from evolving spiritually and attracting positive abundance of all forms
  • Understand how karma is created daily
  • Identifying karma in present and current life
  • Creative ways of working within your Akashic Records
  • Step by step meditation cues: How to perform effective grounding
  • Recording of grounding meditation is provided

Healing the Self & Others

  • Receive an energy attunement to enable you to run 40 Akashic Light Clearings & Activations on yourself and others. This energy attunement remains with you for an entire lifetime, no additional or booster attunements are required
  • Practicum: Practice Akashic Light Clearings & Activations on Self and Others

Self Mastery

Tarra offers continuous support to all students of the Mystery School via a private WeChat group and monthly Zoom gatherings.


  • Tarra and the Mystery School reserves the right to make changes to information including dates, and times for the course. Any updates will be sent only to registered participants at the time of change.