Akashic Light Reading

Akashic Light Readings

This 60 min session consists of a reading & healing conducted in your Akashic Records, held online via Zoom.

Personal Mastery

4 sessions designed to target clear deep-rooted anger, blocks, habits beliefs and fears, to cut chords from others and your past, and reconstruct a new body of light to accelerate personal & spiritual growth and deep healing.

Karma Balancing

4 sequential sessions to work on clearing personal karma, past life curses, black magic, chords, entity removal, healing of family DNA, ancestral karma, awakening the chakras personal power, and much more!

Karma Balancing

A journey of 12 months, this is a highly personalised program only for those committed to a path of personal evolution; to work on your personal, relationship and work issues on both the energetic and the physical plane.