S$2200/ S$185pm for 12 mo

Sessions are held over Zoom.

I am only able to take on 10 mentees at any one time.

Currently, I am fully booked. Please check back again later

This is a 12-month personalized program intended to assist the individual to heal, shift and transform quickly and easily.

Each month, you will meet with Tarra and she will work with you to understand the blocks that prevent you from achieving balance in all areas of your life and work on areas in your life or career to bring about the change and improvement that you would like to experience.
This program is beneficial for spiritual seekers, practitioners, teachers and entrepreneurs; for those committed to the path of evolution, to serve others or teach using heart-based techniques, aligning with the Universe and to receive abundance and joy easily. Those who are seeking to understand themselves deeply and wanting to move past fear, guilt, limiting beliefs and obstacles in life, will find this program supportive whilst they journey within.

During these sessions, Tarra mentors you by revealing tips, personal practices, techniques and experiences to offer you clarity and practical solutions. She will guide you into the knowledge and understanding of how all people and situations take place on a physical and energetic level. You can also choose to go deeper into esoteric teachings and wisdom.

In addition, Tarra also works with higher light beings during your mentoring session to bring you clarity, solutions and empowerment via voice transmissions.

You are required to be committed to this program as you are committed to your soul’s evolution. Come to each session prepared with what you wish to work/focus on, questions if any.

Do note that this program is 12 months and cannot be shorter as it takes this period of time to create long-lasting change and transformation within the individual.

Mentoring is a 12 month program and to be completed within 12 months allocated. No refunds are provided.