Mongolia Sacred Retreat

Divine Dragon Asia + Oceania Sacred Journeys 2024

5-16 August 2024
12 Days
Intimate group of 11

Another retreat date may open if we receive overwhelming response and requests.

This is a sacred pilgrimage to Mongolia, to receive the powerful currents of the Dragon energies, under the expansive open sky, taking in the soul stirring landscapes that extend 360 degrees around you, and with the benevolent force of the Organic Mother beneath us. 

Over the 12 days we spend together we will dissolve the hidden armour of the old ways, to find and experience ourselves more authentically within; assisted by the pure essence and shimmering network/luminous web of divine intelligence that is abundant in this majestic land, supporting the shift back to the natural rhythms of slowness, unity and oneness.

On the night of August 4th, we begin our retreat, slipping away from the denseness of city life and into the unspoiled energies of Mongolia on an unscripted adventure!

And each day we move deeper into the heart of Mongolia’s secluded wilderness; where the ancient ties between the indigenous tribes and nature are still tenderly maintained. And we too will also anchor this organic intelligence more fully into our inner scape. 

Join me and a circle of 12 (you, me and 10 other connected souls) as we navigate remote trails and dwell with nomadic reindeer herders amidst the untamed forests. Under the vast expanse of the open sky, within the traditional teepee dwellings of the Tsaatan people, we shall unravel the mysteries under the clear open sky. This immersive journey is a call to you dear warriors of light who are ready to elevate your lives and shift collectively on to a higher octave.

Highlights of this 12 day retreat

  • Guided meditation under the open sky, connecting deeply into Mother Earth with the pristine energies, as we ignite the consciousness of unity and oneness in ourselves as well as the Dragon lines.
  • Cultural immersion and an opportunity to slip into the daily of the native folk;  to immerse in the native Mongolian culture through interaction, food,music, and dance.
  • Wake up in awe with the soul inspiring natural landscapes and the soothing sounds of nature.
  • Explore the Khogiin Gol River and connect with the spiritual significance of horses in Mongolian culture.
  • Shamanic Offerings and Blessings: Immerse yourself in the rich shamanic traditions of Mongolia as you make offerings and receive blessings at sacred shrines.
  • Khuvsgul Lake: Visit Mongolia’s “Blue Pearl,” a pristine natural wonder surrounded by breathtaking mountains.
  • Wilderness Camping: Experience the serenity of the Mongolian wilderness as you camp under the stars.
  • Spend time with the indigenous reindeer herders. Discover their way of life, customs, traditions and earth wisdom.
  • Horseback riding through surreal landscapes to experience a rush of freedom and deep appreciation for Mother nature.

Join me if you are

This retreat is open only to those who are intimately acquainted with my work and this includes my students, my clients and those who are part of Starlight Academy’s Inner Circle. 

This will be a harmonious gathering, a convergence of souls who desire to journey with me beyond the confines of courses and meditations and instead deeper into yourself, to explore Mongolia with me, and with 10 others who share that same intention and soul connection.

To join this retreat, you should be relatively fit and not pregnant as the activities are more strenuous than average. We will be traveling to remote areas on a 4WD by dirt road, and riding a horse to tribal camps  (4-5 hours at a time). If you have back problems/ spinal/ lower body issues or are averse to sharing a room with others, this adventure may not be for you.

Overview of the Itinerary

5th August 2024

Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

If you are travelling from Singapore, we will meet at Changi to fly into Ulaanbaatar as a group. Recommended round trip flights are detailed in the itinerary. 

5th August 2024
6th August 2024

Day 2 - Ulaanbaatar / Murun town (B, L, D)

6th August 2024
7th August 2024

Day 3 - Ulaan Uul Town(B, L, D)

7th August 2024
8th August 2024

Day 4: Evd River( B, L, D )

8th August 2024
9th August 2024

Day 5 Taiga- Reindeer Tribe Camp ( B, L, D )

9th August 2024
10th August 2024

Day 6: Taiga- Reindeer Tribe Camp ( B, L, D )

10th August 2024
11th August 2024

Day 7: Taiga- Reindeer Tribe Camp ( B, L, D )

11th August 2024
12th August 2024

Day 8: Khogiin Gol River ( B, L, D )

12th August 2024
13th August 2024

Day 9: Khogiin Gol River (, L, D )

13th August 2024
14th August 2024

Day 10: Khuvsgul Lake (B, L, D )

14th August 2024
15th August 2024

Day 11: Murun - Ulaanbaatar ( B, L, D )

15th August 2024
16th August 2024

Day 12 ( Ulaanbaatar Airport – B)

Home Sweet Home

16th August 2024

What’s included:

  • Local Guide, Driver, Transfers
  • Meal plan as detailed in the itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner) with drinking water as required with the majority of meals being taken in local restaurants where viable
  • As per the itinerary:
  • Domestic flights
  • All transport.
  • Airport transfers.
  • All accommodation
  • All entrance fees

Not included: 

  • Personal Travel Insurance 
  • Gratuity for Driver & Guide 
  • Beverages other than drinking water
  • Personal Shopping
  • Visas
  • International flights to/from Ulaan

What makes retreats with me unique? 

Here’s the “Behind the Scenes Magic!”

In the planning stages of each retreat, my Guides show me the places to visit, the rituals and ceremonies to perform at various locations to allow for healing, transformation and energy advancement for this next group of participants to take place.

The meditations, teachings or activations are all channeled from my Guides and Divine Presence, to cater specifically to the needs of each group and individuals present.

Before registration opens, a clear intention is being held for each retreat and each joining participant, to be held in Divine Light, Love and ultra high frequencies from the 12-D to induce the deepest healing and energy body restoration to take place. Yes, my guides and I start well before we travel!

The location guides I collaborate with are hand picked for their integrity, honesty, compassion, high work ethics and spiritual nature to guide the group.

Each guide is energetically vetted by the prior to each retreat therefore the location guides may change from retreat to retreat, as they are in essence, our protectors and space holders in their locality. With some, I have built a profound relationship with them over the years. I am ever grateful to them 🙏🏻